nowhere to create an account or log in via IOS app



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    Thanks Alex!

    Here is the screenshot after you tap the trial button (In Chinese).

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    Alex Avenarius

    On the "Settings" screen, you don't have the item Subscribe to Web Version in between Get Started and Rate in App Store? After I tap that, I see a Subscriber Login button.

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    Hi there, i don't know if you already solve the problem Jian, but i had the same issue and what it happend was, that once i selected "free trial" and accepted it, only then appears the option "create account" under the option "subscriber login". Before, when i didn't have accepted the free trial, the option to create an account was just not there...

    i hope this helps you, in the case you have not found the solution.. but by this time i guess you did it ;).. i just leave it here in the case someone else face the same problem in the future and find this thread searching for slution ;)



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