Track Tasks via hashtags? How to include only drop down in report?



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    Thanks for using ATracker!

    You can use Dropdown tag and set "carclean" as a code. 


    by the way, the code does not need to be there forever, when you remove a code, it will not remove the task entry or any info with that info.

    For the report, please select the dropdown tag in the selection and then tap "duration" to "code", and then tap the "code" to dig in.

    Here is the detailed guide on it.

    For the limit of Dropdown and Numeric tag, we have several internal meetings on it, but we do not have plan to change the number in near future. We will revisit that limit in Autumn again.

    Hope it answers all your questions. 

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    Thank you for your response.


    I want to confirm, I can create a drop-down tag for 'Productive' and add 'car clean'. Once 'car clean' has been completed and I won't do it for a while, I can delete the option but it won't remove it from reports or the task itself? And I can repeat this whenever I need to do 'car clean'?

    Another question, I read the article you posted. Is it possible to have a drop-down list show on the report with other tasks? What I mean is I have 4 tasks; Health, Wealth, Relationship, Exercise. Exercise has the drop down list but when I do my reports, I would like to see how much time I spent on all 4 but exercise should be broken down into the drop down list?

    Thank you!

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    Yes, you can remove the option from Dropdown tag, it will not affect reporting. The report will still show the old option if used.

    Dropdown tag cannot be mixed in report with other tasks, unfortunately.

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