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    Thanks for using ATracker!

    We will need to investigate on this request.

    Normally we recommend user to set the task to "deactive" and assign the task to a tag. For example, you can name the task as "Project A" and assign it with tag "Work". After finishing that project, you just deactivate the task "Project A", so it does now show up in the today tab, but when you creating report for tag "work", it is included in the report.



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    Thanks for the answer, Jian, it really works.

    Although this method makes it difficult to use the tasks report, because it will not contain all the data for inactive tasks. At the same time, the tags report is not fully capable of equivalently replacing the tasks report. In addition, after a long time many inactive tasks "Project A", "Project B"... "Project Z" will be accumulated. So this is not the perfect solution for me. I ask those who read this and think like me to support my suggestion for improvement. This innovation will make ATracker an even more convenient and flexible tool for developing personal effectiveness.

    By the way, I came up with another option how to implement this function in the user interface. For example, you can prompt the user to merge all tasks marked with a single tag. To prevent some task from being merged with others, the user can temporarily remove this tag from it.

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    There is another way to solve it. You can keep one task "Project" and create a Dropown tag with codes (one code per project).  Then assign that tag to the "Project" task. On task level, you can set the default value for that tag. So when you are using Project B, you can set "B" as default value for that tag on task "Project". So every  time the task entry is created for task "Project", the code B will be assigned,

    Here is detailed guide for Dropdown tag.

    Hope it helps!

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