App Crashes and Dropbox Syncing Switches Itself Off



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    I have checked the Dropbox API from third party, error code 206 means when ATracker is doing the initial sync, ATracker want to save data as well. Please trying to log in to Dropbox again and hopefully the problem will disappear.

    Fro Dropbox, it seems they are phasing out some old Dropbox app version. I got an email saying one of my iPad is using an old version of Dropbox and asks me to upgrade the app. Maybe it is related. Please upgrade all Dropbox apps on your devices to be the newest version.

    For the crash, can you send me the crash log?

    Please tap go to device->Settings > Privacy (Not ATracker setting, but iPhone setting), scroll down and tap Analytics. Then tap Then tap the “Analytics data".
    You will see a list of recent crashes, tap the ATracker one, copy all text there and then send to me? You can send us 2-3 of them, we will check whether those crashes happens in the same place or not.
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    Alex Avenarius

    Thank you for the response! I apologize for my delayed reaction. I have now emailed you the crash log. I've only found one of them on all 3 devices – the earlier ones from weeks before perhaps got auto-deleted by iOS in the meantime. (I do run the most recent Dropbox app versions on all of my devices.)

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    Yes, the crash log look very similar to another user's. We have asked Apple developer support to help as we cannot understand the root cause of that crash.

    According to Apple developer support, it is related to some memory management issue in ATracker with Search box, it might happen even the search box is not showing in UI.

    They have also give us some hint on how to prevent it from happening. We will add those protection code in next release.

    Thanks and have a nice weekend!

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    Alex Avenarius

    It has just happened again – and not just once, but twice in a row. Really annoying, because it takes quite some time for the Dropbox syncing to get set up anew. I'm emailing you both crash-logs. It happened as I was editing an activity – ATracker crashed (as far as I can tell) at exactly the same moment during both attempts to edit that activity. Now the third attempt to add that activity has apparently succeeded. Sigh.

    Well, perhaps this is supposed to be a not-so-subtle hint for me to abandon Dropbox syncing at long last, and give the web server syncing another try instead, first since last summer? ;-)

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    Actually the crash is not related to Dropbox sync.

    I have sent the crash log (not yours, but from another user with exact same crash log, and she use web sync) to Apple and ask them to help me understand the crash.

    Apple developer support told me the problem is the search box in the History tab, somehow, the memory management for that control has problem and I need to release it before switching to another form, otherwise, it might get dirty reference some time and crash the app. Somehow that search box does not even need to be displayed for the crash.

    I still do not fully understand why memory management for search box is different than other iOS controllers, but we will fix the problem according to Apple's guide in next version soon (in about 1 week).

    Sorry for the inconvenience!


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