Tags Are Disappointing and Inflexible for Me


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    Alex Avenarius

    Thank you for pointing out to me, Jian, that something that I'm aiming for could be, in a first step, accomplished by using two (or more) Yes/No dropdown tags for every activity.

    So that first step works, but then, those tags/categories are not reflected in the categories/tags piechart for the day, so that using the tags is actually meaningless for me.

    The desired functionality is, by looking at the categories/tags piechart, to see how much of the day's activities were "Work", "Fun", and combined "Work & Fun". If "Work" is black in the piechart, and "Fun" is green, then those activities which were "Work & Fun" might appear (for example) as a combined black-and-green section (tiny black and green squares?) of the piechart, indicating that this was an activity/these were activities that contained elements of both "Work" and "Fun" on that day.

    Thank you if you can make this possible in future.

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