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    Please follow this guide from Apple to cancel the auto-renewal,




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    Karim Chaaban


    I am trying to cancel the auto renewal subscription that is expected to start after the current trial period (expiring soon).

    I tried finding the info by reading the apple website you posted. I really can't find it anywhere. I also searched the web portal app and the iPhone app. The closest I got was in the iPhone app where in the settings tab, you can find a menu saying "Subscription (Premium)", but no button there to allow a cancellation. In this place, it says : "Free trial : 1 days left".

    Can you cancel my premium subscription on my behalf? For your info, I have purchased the pro version and I expect that to remain. I am not sure if I will be charged or not because I am in a grey zone where I risk getting charged (1 days left). I would appreciate also you letting me know too if I got charged. Thank you.

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