ATracker PRO Syncing to wrong calendar


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    Thanks for using ATracker!

    I do not fully understand your question. Maybe you can send an email to with some screenshot and it might help me understand better.

    But I will try my best to help you.

    I recommend you to use either ATracker or ATracker PRO, not both on the same device, if you have calendar sync enabled on both, It might cause duplication.

    If you want to migrate data (one time) between ATracker and ATracker PRO, please follow this guide.

    For the calendar write, we have the setting in ATracker->settings and on task level as well. If you found ATracker saved the entries into the wrong calendar, please open the task and check the last option to see whether it is pointing to the correct calendar. You can disable it and then enable it again to select a correct one.

    ATracker and ATracker PRO is using the same code so the function is same. If you create a task entry, it should always allow user to select a task from the list.

    Hope it answers your question!



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