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    Thanks for using ATracker! Can you check whether you see the "Sync" button on the today tab? If so, can you tap that one? If there is no "Sync" button on the top of the today tab, it means the app get logged out. Please tap ATracker->Settings->Subscription (Premium) and then tap "Subscriber Login" to log in again.  This step is only needed for the Mobile app.


    If it still does nto work, please send an email to and let us know whether you are using ATracker on iOS or Android. We will try our best to help you.


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    Alex Avenarius

    I used to have a similar sync problem a couple of months ago, but ever since Jian took a look at the server and fixed it, syncing has been working flawlessly for me, so I can finally use ATracker everywhere – iOS (3 devices), Android (5 devices), Windows/web (2 devices). Hopefully, it can be similarly fixed for you.

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