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    Thanks for using ATracker!

    We will need to investigate on it.

    In the past, we are not allowed to add shortcut with parameter, as this feature is only allowed to certain category of apps (e.g. clock, music). But Apple might have relaxed it in the recent update.

    If possible, we will try to add feature to allow user to start task with paramter. But to change dropdown tag value might be trickier, as one task entry migh thave multiple tags assigned. 

    Thanks for the suggestion!

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    Dylan Carroll

    Thank you for your response! That's very annoying that apple is so restrictive with this sort of thing/ The reason I asked was that I have a couple of other third-party apps that allow for parameterization in their shortcut actions like Todoist. 

    Adding dropdown tags to each of my task entries is probably the most time-consuming part of my ATracker workflow, but I see how it could be quite tricky to add the option for dropdown tags. You'd have to select both the task you wanted to assign, the tag within that task, and the dropdown option, which I can easily imagine being difficult to set up on both ends.

    Is there any more word on whether either of these things are possible for ATracker?

    Thank you very much for your response and for your time.

    - Dylan

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