Merge 2 Backup-files?


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    It is quite tricky to combine, but I think it is possible.

    1. Please import one of the backup to you ATracker (e.g. 2018 data).

    2. Tap "Start 30 days trial" in ATracker->Settings->Subscription (Premium) and tap create account button.

    3. After the data sync is finished (you can also tap the "Sync" button on today tab to make sure), delete the app and reinstall it from App store.

    4. If you have upgraded Free version of ATracker, you need to tap ATracker->Settings->Upgrade app->Restore purchase. If you have ATracker PRO, please skip this . step.

    5. Import the 2019 data to ATracker and then tap ATracker->Settings->Subscription (Premium) and tap "Subscriber login".

    6. When ATracker asks whether to delete local data or migrate data, please tap "migrate data". By doing so, data in those two dataset will be merged.

    7. After sync finish, tap the sync button on today tab and confirm both 2018 and 2019 data are imported. 

    8. After that, please log off from ATracker->Settings->Subscription (Premium). We do not use Apple subscription for the trial. So after 30 days, it will not charge you automatically.

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