Data on device and on web server is inconsistent



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    Thanks for using ATracker!
    Yes, you can do a full sync.
    First, on Web, please do a “Sign out and clear local data”m then log in again, it will clear the local cache on your device and refetch everything from web.
    if that does not work, it means the data on your mobile device is not synced corrected. You can log off ATracker from ATracker->settings->subscription (Premium)->tap your log in account, tap log off and log in again in app, it will resend all data from your device to ATracker server.
    It that still does not work, please tell me the problem in detail and authorise us to check your data on our server. We will try to locate the problem.
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    Nevermind sign out and clear local data seemed to fix the problem. I guess it was an issue with cookies or something.

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