Is there a help e-mail address?



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    For iOS version, 
    1. We support automatic sync via Dropbox. That sync is free, and data is synced to your Dropbox storage.

    2. We also support sync via our web server. That sync is subscription based, and it allow user to access data even from Browser. User can either start a 30 days trial or subscribe from ATracker app (setting->subscription). The account used for web portal is not same as foe the support portal, as we use Zendesk as service provider for the support portal, but we build web sync by ourselves.

     For support email, you can either send to or

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    Jennifer Gordillo

    I can log in to this website to post this, but not into here:


    I have lost data in the past for not logging in and creating a profile online to link the data from the app on my phone, so I am trying to do so now.  Help, please?

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