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    Sorry for the trouble!
    We have not intensionally change the piechart PDF export. But it might get affected when we fix the bar chart PDF export a week ago.
    Can you send us (support@womderapps.se) the current JPG example you generate at the end? We will try to fix the PDF generation and try to match with your end result if possible.
    Apple has changed the way it handles reviews with new update so it is a lot easier to patch ATracker on iOS now.
    Best regards,
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    Alex Avenarius

    Hi Jian,

    Sorry for the belated reply. I'm attaching the 2 piechart reports for today right here. Awful, isn't it? Especially the categories piechart has now become almost a square. In previous ATracker versions, the categories piechart used to be fine, while the activities piechart had an empty banner attached at the bottom when there were many activities. But now both piecharts have the white-space bar at the bottom, and, ironically, it's now the categories piechart that is especially affected due to being almost converted to a square instead of a rectangle...

    The white space above is attached to the PDF-exported piechart.

    The white space above is attached to the PDF-exported piechart.

    Also, we really need one-touch sharing to Facebook and/or Twitter like it used to work before iOS 11. I would welcome the opportunity to share the activities and the categories piechart together at a single touch of a button. I get so tired by emailing those piecharts to myself, then having to convert them from PDF to JPG, while also editing them in the process... Lots and lots of hassle that I just wouldn't expect to encounter in professional, subscription-based software.

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