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    We just started the web sync and closely monitoring the performance.
    The average response time for ATracker sync is 182ms, including the initial sync. For the the initial sync, it is about 900ms.
    But I can see from log, the sync time for you is above 2 minutes. I can see from log, you have a lot of entries, but we have tested with similar amount of entries in our test session and it only take seconds to sync.
    We will investigate on the data composing and check the cause of sync problem.
    Can you write us an email (support@wonderapps.se) to approve us to use your data to investigate the problem? Of course, the data will be used for investigation only.
    By the way, when you access https://Atracker.pro, how long does it to finish the load? That will give us some hint on the connection speed from your point to our service hosted by Azure (Microsoft) in US.
    This is our first version of Web sync. We will add customised background, 24h date format and export to PDF as well.
    Thanks for using web sync and sorry for the trouble it cause! We will keep improving the service!
    By the way, after you quit ATracker, you will still keep the log in status. I think in your case, the initial sync is never finished, so the log in info is not written to your device yet.
    We have fixed a major bug some hours ago (after your test). I am not sure whether that will fix your problem as well. If you have time, you can have it another try, or just let us access your web data to do some performance test. We will not change your data of course.
    Best regards.
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    Alex Avenarius

    A related iOS bug: after you quit ATracker (for example, from the multi-tasking screen), you also get logged out of the web portal! That means, you need to re-enter your web portal login data again and again and again... Just not usable, need to go back to Dropbox.

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    Alex Avenarius

    Hi Jian,

    Thank you for the response! Yes, absolutely, you can go ahead and use my data for testing purposes. (I've just also emailed you saying so.) Thank you also for your email response.

    Yes, I'll be happy to continue testing the web portal in future. I realize it's the very first version and bugs need to be ironed out.

    As to the time it takes to finish the load, do you mean now on the two devices where the initial sync was already completed? (At least it appeared completed!) Now, the load is very fast, a couple of seconds, or 5 seconds at most. (My location is Central Europe, the currently troubled country of Slovakia; no speed issues on an FTTH line.) I set it up in Chrome under Windows 10, and in Chrome on an Android tablet. The initial sync was extremely long in both places (ironically, longer on the notebook than on the tablet), but it appeared that the initial sync succeeded. No errors were reported, no more spinning wheels to be seen anywhere.

    However, subsequent edits, on both devices, and in the iPad apps, kept getting lost and/or overwritten, and syncing simply wasn't working. There was only that endless spinning wheel in the middle of the screen, both on the web and in the iPad apps, and not just for 2 minutes, but for 10, 15, 20 minutes... Nothing was happening, so I had to force-quit the iPad apps / close the browser windows.

    I'll be giving the web portal another try later on – perhaps the fix you performed also resolved my syncing issue.


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