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    Sorry, just saw this post today. It seems I will not get email notification on the new post. I always though only I am posting. :)

    We implement the Dropbox with a third part component (http://www.ensembles.io/). but that component only has iOS and OSX version. 

    As the sync format is specially made by them, it is not possible to sync with Android. If we want to add the sync with Dropbox, we need to ditch that component, and implement own own one and somehow let all iSO user disconnect from current Dropbox sync and reenable it. 

    We have done some initial development of this approach and found it is very tricky. 

    In either end of this year 2017 or beginning of 2018, we will release the web portal so user can sync iOS with the web portal. Later in 2018, we will add Android support for sync, it means the iOS and Android can sync in.

    It will still be a big challenge to us, as there are so many Android version exist in the market. We got quite some strange problems / bugs in Android which we never think about. I must admit that we are still very new in Android and there is a not to be learnt.

    Thanks for reading.

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    Alex Avenarius

    I agree. ATracker is unusable on Android without Dropbox syncing. I ditched the iPhone, but I still have 3 iPads I'll continue using. Not to mention my Android phone and tablet – syncing is essential for both cross-platform and "in-platform" compatibility.

    So, as it is, I simply can't purchase ATracker on Android. It's pointless, and I need to look for a different time management app if this omission isn't resolved promptly.

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    Cheetiri smith

    So it seems that unless someone is completely in the ios chain this app is not actually helpful?

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    Alex Avenarius

    It's OK if you only use a single device, such as your Android phone. But if you have several devices, especially cross-platform ones (I have an Android phone, 3 iPads and 2 Android tablets), then the Android app is unusable for the moment, because currently, there is no syncing.

    I had hopes in the web portal that has just been launched, but as I reported earlier today, syncing via the web currently doesn't work for me at all: https://support.wonderapps.se/hc/en-us/community/posts/360001438994-Web-Portal-Not-Syncing I had to revert to Dropbox syncing which, for me, is fast and reliable. On the web portal, all I got during the couple of hours I tried using it, were endless spinning wheels (also in the iPad apps) blocking the center of the screen. It's a brand new feature, so there is hope it will be improved later on, and then I could use the web portal on my Android phone (unless Dropbox syncing arrives in the Android app first).

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