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    Hello David,

    Thanks for using ATracker!

    To share the predefined task and categories to group of users, please follow this guide.

    1. Define all tasks on one device (e.g. iPhone) first.
    2. Perform “Data backup” in ATracker from the device you want to export data. This function can be found in the “...” tab. It will send you an email with database backup.
    3. You can forward that email to other ATracker users.
    4. User can open that email on his / her device and tap the attachment named “backup.ATracker” then select “ATracker” (Or ATracker PRO) to import the database.
    5. It will open ATracker and ask user whether user want to import data or not. Choose yes.
    6. Now the template is imported.

    This process should only be used for the initial load, as when user imports the template, it will delete everything in his /her ATracker App.

    Here is the generic data import / export guide


    Best Regards,


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