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    Thanks for using ATracker!


    1. There might be some problem with the "restore purchase" problem in current ATracker for Android version.

    Please try to tap the purchase for full version button again on your tablet. If it charges you again, please let me know your order number (format as GPA-XXXX), we will refund the money for that upgrade.

    We are very experienced in iOS eco system, but still very new on Android ones. We will investigate this issue and try to fix it in the next release. Sorry for the inconvenience!


    2.Current date is June 24, when I reply this post. ATracker is an app to tracking historical and ongoing tasks. For the future entries, ATracker will not show it in report. But it should still be visible in history tab. You can swipe left / right to change the period. After you change the date to June 26, you should see your entries.  

    Actually it is done by purpose. let's say user has manually entered an entry on June 24th from 6PM to 10PM and currently it is June 24, 8PM. In ATracker report, it will only show user have 2 hours spend on the task, and while time pass, at 10PM, it will show 4 hours.


    3. In current ATracker for Android, we do not support data sync across devices. This function is only supported on iOS platform via Dropbox. In future we will add sync via ATracker server for both iOS and Android version.

    We do not plan to support sync via Dropbox in near future as the component we used for it only has iOS version.


    Thanks for reading this long post. Again, sorry for the inconvenience!

    Best Regards,


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