GetSatisfaction Feedback Completely Lost?!



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    Sorry, just saw this post today. It seems I will not get email notification on the new post. I always though only I am posting. :)

    I will check whether there is some setting in Zendesk which allow the email notification.

    After GetSatisfaction get acquired by Sprinklr, they start to charge us thousands of USD per year with more limited functions. It seems they want to focus on big company instead and the pricing is very intransparent.  So we moved to Zendesk , which only cost hundreds of USD per year.

    We do get a change to export all data manually from GetSatisfaction. 

    ATracker is still under active development. We have released the first Android release in 2017 summer and we will add web version and business version soon.

    We do need to find some more way to monetise, but we would like to keep the app part still as one time cost, not like our competitor to charge per month.

    We will have subscription model on the web version, so for user with advanced need, we can at least get enough money to pay for the hosting and continuous development. The subscription will be cheaper than competitor.



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    Alex Avenarius

    Oh my... This really looks bad – no feedback from the developer on these pages, unlike on the old GetSatisfaction site. I'm afraid this app may be dying. :-( I was looking for a replacement app, but can't find anything as good as ATracker (despite all its shortcomings) at the moment, so am sticking with ATracker for now. But if ATracker is to become abandonware in future, one of the future operating system upgrades is likely to make it impossible to operate sooner or later, I'm afraid.

    It's extremely difficult for mobile app developers, especially small independent ones (let alone individuals), to get rewarded for their efforts, given the dirt-cheap prices of high-quality apps in app stores. So I'm not blaming anyone, and I understand. But it's still sad.

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