How to enable Dropbox sync?




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    John Amagliani

    On iPhone, I tried to set up Dropbox by toggling Dropbox Sync in Atracker settings. After toggling, the Dropbox app opened on the iPhone. I received no further dialogs.The Atracker app has continued to display the iOS progress wheel for several minutes.

    Am I suppose to select a sync location/folder in the Dropbox app?

    Follow up #1

    The iOS progress wheel continued. I tapped DONE, and the progress wheel disappeared, and the Dropbox Sync toggle was "on." There was no other indication that the data was successfully and completely synced. We will see what happens.

    Follow up #2

    I tried to enable Dropbox sync on another device (iPad) using ATracker Pro. The same issue: The iOS progress wheel continues indefinitely. (Note: The iPad also has the Dropbox app with the same DB account.)

    After several minutes, I tapped DONE on the iPad and, again, the progress wheel disappeared and the Dropbox Sync toggle is "on."

    However, there appears to be no ATracker data synced from Dropbox to the iPad.

    Follow up #3

    I looked in the ATrackerPRO dropbox folder after adding a task to Atracker on iPhone. I could not find any recent changes to the files in the dropbox ATrackerPRO folder after adding the task. This makes me think Dropbox sync is not happening on the iPhone.

    Follow up #4

    After coming back to my iPad several hours later, and opening Atracker. Upon opening, ATracker immediately opened Dropbox and offered an "Allow" button. After tapping "Allow," Atracker began showing data synced from Dropbox.


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    Thanks for the info!

    Dropbox has changed the authentication process, and we have updated the code to reflect the change. The sync UI is the same as before. But the background tasks in ATracker have been changed. The folder to sync is always apps/ATracker or apps/ATracker PRO. The user cannot change it. If you have changed data on one device, it should be uploaded in about 2 seconds to the Dropbox server (as some internal change file).

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